Midsize Laptops

Basic System:
Intel Celeron processor
AMD Athlon Neo or AMD Sempron processors
Standard System:
Intel Core 2 Duo or Intel Pentium Dual Core processors
AMD Turion II or AMD Athlon X2 processors
Performance System:
Intel Core i7 or Intel Core 2 Duo processors
AMD Athlon II processor
Motherboard PCI-X (PCI Express) with few or no expansion card slots.
Operating System:
Basic System:
Microsoft Vista (any 32 bit version)
Standard System:
Microsoft Windows 7 (any 32 bit version)
or Microsoft Vista (any 64 bit version)
Performance System:
Microsoft Windows 7 (any 64 bit version)
or Apple Macintosh OS X
or Linux
Basic System: 3GB
Standard System: 4GB (max for 32 bit systems)
Performance System: > 4GB
Hard Drive(s):
Basic System: 250GB
Standard System: 320GB
Performance System: 500GB
Optional Equipment: Solid State Drive (SSD) to save weight and energy
Graphics Card(s):
Standard System: integrated graphics processing unit (e.g. Intel Graphics Media Accelerator chip family) or PCIe card with 256MB of RAM (e.g. ATI or nVidia cards)
Performance System: PCIe graphics card with 512MB of RAM (e.g. ATI and nVidia cards) Optional Equipment: TV tuner & remote control
Sound System: Standard System: integrated sound card; integrated stereo speaker(s); built-in headphone jack; external speakers not typically bundled with laptop.
Optical Drive(s):
Standard System: one (1) internal DVD optical drive (reads and writes DVD & CD discs)
Performance System: one (1) internal Blu-ray optical drive (reads and writes Blu-ray, DVD & CD discs)
Display 14” to 16” wide. 16″ screens are proportioned for DVD viewing. A matted screen is recommended over a transflective screen. Transflective screens are glossier and tend to produce more glare.
Weight: Standard System: 4.5 lbs. to 8 lbs.
Ports, Jacks & Slots:
Standard System:
Two (2) or more USB ports.
One (1) Express Card slot
One (1) multi-format Flash Memory Card Reader
One (1) Firewire port
One (1) Microphone jack
One (1) Headphone jack
One (1) Docking Station port
One (1) HDMI Video Out jack
One (1) DVI Video Out jack
One (1) RJ11 Phone jack
One (1) Ethernet RJ45 jack
One (1) VGA-output port
One (1) Parallel port
One (1) Serial port
One (1) eSATA port
Standard System: one (1) Ethernet port (10/100/1000 MB) and WiFi (a.k.a 802.11x) and Bluetooth radios built-in.
Optional equipment: integrated 56K modem; Cellular broadband radio (e.g. EV-DO, EDGE or HSDPA).
Input Device(s):
Standard System: built-in full-size keyboard with eraser head or track pad, webcam, USB mouse.
Optional Equipment: fingerprint reader, wireless mouse.
Battery Life 1.75 – 7.25 hours. See general hardware specifications for additional guidance.
Bays: See general hardware specifications for guidance.