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The folks behind this site are seasoned design professionals and software engineers. We share a common interest in Computer Technology and Design. We believe the two fields are symbiotically linked and that each discipline enhances and strengthens the other. We’ve built XIMIX.biz as a way of sharing those beliefs with the wider world. So far, we’ve been fairly successful at building a community. We’re attracting a lot of visitors and many of you have left comments and suggestions. In fact, many of the topics for our articles began as suggestions from you. That’s why we love your feedback. You’re helping us to grow and improve.

As with any new venture, we’ll be working hard to improve the site and broaden our audience. Over time, you can expect to see many changes. We’ll be trying out new layouts in a quest to make the site more interesting and user friendly. We’ll also be adding new content and refreshing our older postings. We’re not quite sure where our curiosity will lead but we promise to make the journey informative and entertaining.

Here’s a list of what’s currently on the site:

How to Buy a Computer

The question we get asked most often is what kind of computer should I buy? It’s a great question but with such a bewildering assortment of devices available to the consumer, it’s not an easy question to answer. That’s why we’ve put together our Buying Guide to help you sort through all those choices. It’s clearly written, easy to understand and it’s got the very latest info on pricing and technology. It’s the best place on the web to start your search for a new or used computer. See for yourself…

Smartphone Buying Guide

We’ve recently been flooded with questions about Smartphones and Wireless Service Providers so we’ve done our homework and bundled all our recommendations into a “Smartphone Buying Guide”. It’s designed to help you pick the perfect Smartphone and the right service provider. Check it out…

Tractors for the Creative Mind

Tractors for the Creative Mind To celebrate the 20th anniversary of it’s original publication in a number of academic journals, we’ve posted an article entitled “Tractors for the Creative Mind”. It’s a speculative article about the role of computers in architectural education and practice. The questions and concerns posed in the article seem just as fresh today as they did back then. See for yourself…