Sorting out software developments seems more complicated, but again the trends are more important than any particular version of a program. In particular five developments seem most appropriate here. First, and perhaps most important to architects, is the visual prompting of computer users as opposed to the original need to memorize arcane verbal commands. Second is the emergence of integrated programs which tie together related single focus software into more fluid composite programs. Third, computer aided design programs written from the perspective of construction documents, and desktop publishing programs written from the perspective of graphic designers and illustrators are moving towards each other, with many implications for design process. Fourth is the emergence of general purpose simulation programs which can be used to model physical phenomena regardless of the discipline. Fifth is the appearance of object oriented programming software which allows novices to construct their own programs specific to their own areas of special knowledge. These trends in software development are also pushing the hardware designers to further increase machine capabilities. The resulting feedback loop shows no sign of abating in the foreseeable future.

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