Publication History:
Portions of this paper were presented to The Western Regional Conference of the ACSA, in October, 1988 at Cal Poly, Pomona; to the Annual Meeting of the ACSA, in Chicago, March, 1989; to the Apple Forum of the AEC Exposition in Anaheim, California, in May, 1989; and the ICSRIC-90 Building Design Symposium in Baden-Baden, West Germany, in August 1990.

Earlier versions of the paper were published in the Proceedings of the ACSA Annual Meeting, 1989; and the Pre-Conference Proceedings of the ICSRIC-90.

This article was last published in “Interchange: A scholarly exchange of ideas” in 1991 by the College of Environmental Design at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.

About the Authors:
When this article was originally published, Arthur E. Hacker was an Associate Professor and Maurice Herman was an Assistant Professor at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona (Cal Poly, Pomona). Arthur Hacker is now Professor Emeritus at Cal Poly, Pomona and Maurice Herman continues to practice Architecture in the Los Angeles Area.

Author’s Note:
To simplify browsing, several pages were inserted into the body of the origianl article. This has been done only to make it easier for readers to navigate between pages and sections of the article. No new content has been added; nor has any of the original text been edited except to correct spelling and grammatical errors.