PENCIL is the name we have given to the special input device which is connected to the TABLET. PENCIL will handle like a light pen, touching the screen to input data. Unlike a light-pen however, PENCIL will be a pressure sensitive stylus which can electronically replicate all the pressures or stresses real pencils are exposed to or simulate the behavior of a structure under various “finger induced” stresses. In practical terms, PENCIL is capable of sensing a continuum of pressure from the faintest squiggle to the boldest line. When coupled with the right software, the PENCIL and TABLET combination would equal real pencil and paper in contrast and clarity. In other words, you’ll be able to draw or write on a computer with the same subtlety and finesse that you currently have with pencil and paper.


Artists or Designers who use traditional media have direct hand/eye interaction and feedback with their work. Today’s CAD systems are just the opposite. With CAD, direct hand/eye feedback is rare. Inevitably, the question arises: if Artists and Designers don’t use keyboards or mice to draw manually, why should they be required to do so on a computer? TABLET and PENCIL will go a long way to bring spontaneity to the computer drawing process.


Like its manual counterpart, PENCIL will be outfitted with an eraser on top. The eraser side of PENCIL works in exactly the same way as the drawing side does. In fact, both sides will have the same physical characteristics and sensitivity. They’ll just have the opposite function. So, if you want to, you will be able to erase ever so lightly or eliminate whole areas of your drawing with broad strokes.

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