Advanced Interfaces: DIGIT-VISION, 3-D GLASSES and the MAGIC GLOVE

The rush to make computers easier to use has spurred the development of new and interesting devices. One such device is a special pair of 3-D glasses. Another is what we call the “Magic Glove”. When used together, these two devices will alter the way architects and students design on a computer.

3-D Glasses

The “3-D Glasses” project a three dimensional image into space so that a viewer has the illusion that the object he or she is designing is really present. When fully developed, the projector’s electronics will fit comfortably in a headset that looks like an ordinary pair of glasses and will provide the illusion of working with life size environments. Today all the electronics are fit into a helmet like headset. It’s a bit clumsy, but it works!

Nintendo Power Glove

The “Magic Glove” is a device which senses hand movement and allows a designer to sculpt computer simulations with their fingers. Simple versions of the Glove are already available for use with Nintendo or Atari home game systems for about $80. When combined with 3-D helmets, advanced versions of the Magic Glove will allow solid looking objects to be formed or manipulated in thin air by “touching” the 3-D simulation with one’s hands.


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