What Can I Do With My Old Computer Gear?

The answer is simple. You can dump your old gear in the trash. You can recycle it. You can donate it to charity or you can sell it.

Trashing Your Old Equipment

Electronic waste is nasty stuff. These days, most communities have fairly strict regulations that govern the disposal of unwanted computer gear. If you’re thinking of disposing of your old gear, it’s best to consult your local government to find out how you can comply with their restrictions.

Recycling Your Old Equipment

Here are some great sources of information about recycling your old gear:

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
The Electronics TakeBack Coalition
TechSoup’s GreenTech Initiative
TechSoup’s Online Donation Service for Nonprofits
National Center for Electronics Recycling

It’s also a good idea to visit state and local governmental agency websites for information about recycling programs in your vicinity. In addition to government programs, many national retail chains and electronics equipment manufacturers have very active recycling or trade-in programs. Most are listed on the EPA website. You can also use any search engine to find local recyclers.

Donating Your Old Equipment

If you’re thinking of donating your old computer equipment to a charitable organization, consult your accountant or tax preparer first. Your contribution may be tax deductible so let them evaluate the tax implications of any potential gift. They can provide you with timely and accurate advice. Always remember to get a receipt with every donation you make. Here’s a list charitable organizations that accept old equipment:

Computers With Causes

Selling Your Old Equipment

Some local computer stores sell used computer equipment on consignment. In most cases, the equipment offered for consignment sale must be in good working order. You may also have some success selling your gear in person at swap meets and garage sales. Perhaps the most popular way to selling old computer equipment is over the internet on sites like Ebay and Craigslist.

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