Tower & Desktop Computers

Basic System (one of the following single core processors):
Intel Celeron or Intel Atom (single core) processors
AMD Sempron or AMD Athlon II X2 processors
Standard System (one of the following dual core processors):
Intel Core 2 Duo or Intel Pentium Dual Core processors
AMD Athlon X2, AMD Athlon II X4, AMD Phenom II or AMD Athlon 64 X2 processors
Performance System (one or more of the following quad core processors):
Intel Core 2 Extreme, Intel Core 2 Quad, Intel Core i7, Intel Core i7 Extreme or Intel Xeon processors
AMD Phenom X4 or AMD Phenom II X4 processors
Motherboard PCI Express (with PCI, PCI Express (PCIe) & / or AGP expansion board slots)
Operating System:
Basic System:
Microsoft Windows XP (any version)
Microsoft Vista (any 32 bit version)
Standard System:
Microsoft Windows 7 (any 32 bit version)
Microsoft Vista (any 64 bit version)
Performance System:
Microsoft Windows 7 (any 64 bit version)
or Apple Macintosh OS X
or Linux
or Unix (BSD, Sun Solaris, etc.)
Basic System: 2GB*
Standard System: 4GB* (max for 32 bit systems)
Performance System: > 4GB*
* additional RAM can be added as budget and hardware permit
Hard Drive(s):
Basic System: 250GB
Standard System: one (1) hard drive 500GB or larger
Performance System: one (1) drive 1TB or larger; or at least two (2) high capacity hard drives (500GB or larger) in a RAID array
Graphics Card(s):
Basic System: integrated graphics processing unit (e.g. Intel, ATI or nVidia chip sets)
Standard System: one (1) PCIe card with at least 512MB of RAM (e.g. ATI or nVidia cards)
Performance System: one (1) PCIe graphics card with 1GB or more of RAM (e.g. ATI or nVidia cards) or two (2) PCIe graphics cards with at least 512MB of RAM each
Optional Equipment: TV tuner & remote control
Sound System:
Basic System: integrated sound card (supports analog stereo or digital 2.1 ).
Standard & Performance Systems: integrated sound card (supports analog stereo or digital 5.1 or 7.1 formats).
Optional Equipment: discrete (add-on) sound card (supports analog stereo or digital 5.1 or 7.1 formats).
Note: external speakers not usually included with most Tower and Desktop computers. However, they are typically included with multi-media and gaming computers.
Optical Drive(s):
Standard System: one (1) internal DVD optical drive (reads and writes DVD & CD discs)
Performance System: one (1) internal Blu-ray optical drive (reads and writes Blu-ray, DVD & CD discs)
Standard System: one (1) 17′” – 23″ flat-screen LCD monitor.
Performance System: one (1) 24″ (or larger) flat screen LCD monitor or two (2) 19″ (or larger) LCD screens.
Note: monitors typically sold separately and not included in price. Sizes vary from 15″ (basic) to 24″ or more. Monitor prices range from under $100 to more than $600 according to size and performance.
Weight: Not Applicable
Ports, Jacks & Slots: See general hardware specifications for guidance.
Standard System: one (1) Ethernet port (10/100/1000 MB) and WiFi (a.k.a 802.11x) and Bluetooth radios built-in.
Optional Equipment: integrated 56K modem
Input Device(s):
Standard System: USB mouse, full size USB keyboard.
Performance System: wireless mouse & keyboard.
Optional Equipment: graphic digitizer pad (for multi-media and high-end graphics workstations), force-feedback joystick, game pad, or steering wheel/pedal controller (for gamer machines).
Battery Life Not Applicable
Bays: See general hardware specifications for guidance.