All-In-One Desktops

Basic System:
Intel Atom or Intel Pentium Dual Core processors
AMD Athlon 64 X2 series processors
Standard System:
Intel Core 2 Duo family of processors
Performance System:
Intel Core 2 Quad, Intel Core i5 or Intel Core i7 processors
Motherboard PCI Express (with PCI, PCI Express (PCIe) & / or AGP expansion board slots)
Operating System:
Basic System:
Microsoft Windows XP (any version)
or Microsoft Vista (any 32 bit version)
Standard Systems:
Microsoft Windows 7 (any 32 bit version)
Microsoft Vista (any 64 bit version)
Performance Systems:
Microsoft Windows 7 (any 64 bit version)
or Apple Macintosh OS X
Basic System: 1GB
Standard System: 4GB (max for 32 bit systems)
Performance System: > 4GB or more
Hard Drive(s):
Minimum Acceptable: 160GB
Basic System: 320GB
Standard System: 500GB or more
Performance System: 1TB or more
Graphics Card(s):
Basic System: integrated graphics processing unit (e.g. Intel, ATI or nVidia chip sets)
Standard System: integrated graphics processing unit (e.g. nVidia chip sets) or PCIe card with at least 256MB of RAM (e.g. ATI cards)
Performance System: PCIe graphics card with 512MB or more of RAM (e.g. ATI card)
Optional Equipment: TV tuner & remote control
Sound System: Standard System: integrated sound card; integrated stereo speakers; external speakers not usually bundled with All-In-One computers.
Optical Drive(s):
Basic System: external optical drive
Standard System: one (1) internal DVD optical drive (reads and writes DVD & CD discs)
Performance System: one (1) internal Blu-ray optical drive (reads and writes Blu-ray, DVD & CD discs)
Basic System: < 23″ LCD screen
Standard System: 23″ LCD screen
Performance System: > 23″ LCD screen Optional feature: multi-touch screen input
Weight: Not Applicable
Ports, Jacks & Slots: See general hardware specifications for guidance.
Standard System: one (1) Ethernet port (10/100/1000 MB) and WiFi (a.k.a 802.11x) and Bluetooth radios built-in.
Optional Equipment: integrated 56K modem
Input Device(s):
Standard System: USB mouse, full size USB keyboard, built-in microphone.
Performance System: built-in webcam, wireless mouse & keyboard
Battery Life Not Applicable
Bays: See general hardware specifications for guidance.