The computer marketplace is filled with a bewildering assortment of choices. Computers come in many different shapes and sizes. Prices range from a few hundred dollars to many thousands of dollars and there’s lots of technology to understand. It’s all pretty confusing if you don’t have a way of sorting through it all. That’s where we can help. This article provides you with clear and concise information so you can confidently select the computer that’s right for you. We do this by answering the following 8 questions:

What kind of shopper am I?

Find out what kind of shopper you are and how you can use your unique outlook to make the most of your shopping experience. Learn more…

What type of computer should I be looking for?

We’ll help you determine what kind of computer is best for you based on how you intend to use it. All you have to do is find the user profile that matches your lifestyle. We’ll also help you determine the physical shape and size of the computer that best fits your needs. You can find out more about computer shapes and sizes here…

What components should I specify when I buy my new computer?

To help you sort through the technical complexities of buying a computer we’ve provided a set of buying recommendations for all the key components that are found in a PC. We’ve also prepared a detailed specification for every type of computer on the market based on the level of performance you’re looking for.

How much should I expect to pay?

We’ve created a handy chart showing the prices for every type of computer on the market. Prices are displayed side-by-side for easy comparisons. Learn more…

Where can I get a good deal?

To help you find a reputable vendor, we’ve put together a list of on-line retailers that includes price comparison and “consolidator” sites. We’ve also included a list of manufacturers where you can make factory direct purchases on-line. If you’re interested in a traditional shopping experience, we’ve included a list of international, national and regionally based retail chains. We’ve also included information about buying used equipment. Learn more…

Where can I recycle or sell my obsolete or unwanted computer equipment?

To help dispose of unwanted or old equipment, we’ve included a set of links to public and private recycling programs that are active in your local community or neighborhood. We’ve also included links to organizations where you can donate your old equipment so it can be reused. We’ve also included advice about where you can sell your old equipment. Learn more…

How can I gather information as I shop?

To help you gather information as you shop, we’ve prepared two fill-in-the-blank worksheets. One worksheet is specifically designed for laptops and tablets. The other is designed to capture information about desktops and towers. We encourage you to print out as many as you need!

Are there additional on-line resources that can help me make a more informed choice?

To help you gather additional information, we’ve provided links to on-line product reviews and up-to-date pricing information. We’ve also included links to sites that provide unbiased product quality and reliability data as well as links to sites where you can find out about a vendor’s reputation.